Comteza was founded in 2010 by enthusiasts and specialists in internet, digital television and software development area. Comteza founders are young, ambitious extra level programmers. Comteza offers leading, modern devices and solutions for internet providers, digital television and mobile network operators.

Year 2010 - software for Electronic Program Guide (EPG) management is finished and tested. Announcement of leading product - Comteza EPG server. First EPG server commercial launch for client is accomplished. Standard desktop computer was used as a hardware platform.

Year 2010 - it was decided to introduce to the market a universal device with a centralized control, access limitation and statistics gathering of assigned internet-resources for local network subscribers. First version of product was developed few years ago and is currently used by several internet providers in Latvia. The newest version received a name - Comteza Internet Shaper.

Year 2011 - first Comteza EPG server sales in Russian and CIS countries.
First clients in Russia Petronet/Russia and Ufanet/Russia.

Year 2012 - we took part in first ever launch of digital television in Cambodia – One TV. Comteza is an EPG server and Billing supplier for this project as a technological partner of GS Group.

Year 2013 - won the competition organized by Volia company to supply EPG servers. Volia is the biggest cable operator in Ukraine. Comteza EPG server manages EPG in 15 digital networks in biggest Ukraine cities.

Year 2013 - Comteza participates in international exhibition CSTB’2013 for the first time. We gained a very interesting live talking experience with clients, met colleagues and friends, found new clients.

Year 2014 - end of enigo CAS development. A conditional access system for digital television operators. Start of sales enigo CAS.

Year 2016 - enigo CAS v2.0. Final release of new version enigo CAS. Bug fixes & improvements, optimization of ECM/EMM generators.

Year 2017 - enigo CAS v3.0. Final release of new version enigo CAS. New subscription type, subscriptions with OPEN date. Bug fixes & improvements, optimization of ECM/EMM generators.

Technical support

Comteza priority - clients’ wishes and demands fulfillment. Modern technologies deserve investments in case they give back a real and effective result. We are interested in achieving the best benefits from Comteza products for each client.

Technical support provides following services:
  • Systems and products Installation and integration
  • Training and consulting
  • Software update
  • echnical problem solution
  • System and products modification by client demands

Clients’ feedback serves a great role in Comteza products modernization and development. We thoroughly analyze clients’ reviews and wishes while working on new product versions and solutions.


Comteza specializes on solutions for complicated, nonstandard and nontrivial tasks. We are usually "lucky" with getting such tasks and clients. We are not afraid of them, nor we avoid them, as a result we get a huge satisfaction after application commissioning, by getting a client response - EVERYTHING works, this is how we have wanted it - stably, fast and reliably.

Comteza offers to clients a full development, integration and launch service for various information systems. We have practically never faced two identical tasks, there is always specific hardware or specific client's demands. Projecting highly loaded systems, optimal hardware resources usage is our forte. If you think that it is impossible to resolve your goal with standard means, then maybe you should appeal to Comteza .

We code on PHP, C and GoLang. Almost all our products and systems have a web interface, which often gives an unquestionable advantage, because there is no need to install any specialized software on working stations. Standard internet browser is all you need.

Comteza applications' servers work under Linux operating system's, and in many cases the MySQL data base is used. Linux version does not have great significance. Linux, MySQL and other OpenSourse product usage gives clients an extraordinary freedom. There is no need to buy a license for a third party expensive software and figuring out license schemes.