Comteza BROADCAST server secures generation and management of unlimited quantity of services, transport streams, multiple networks and multiplexers. Functions in any complicated network configuration with various multiplexer models from different manufacturers. System is compliant to DVB specifications.

Comteza BROADCAST server is easy and beneficial to use for generating service information, in case operator’s hardware does not allow to accomplish it or does not do it well enough.

Comteza BROADCAST server allows easily and flexibly configure NIT and SDT generation for any quantity of networks, ensuring:

  • network search during receiver tuning
  • automatic channel sorting during tuning by LCN
  • channel names in national languages

How it works

EPG server diagram

Comteza BROADCAST server is Comteza’s software installed on operator’s Hardware. All parameters are managed via WEB panel. No additional Software is required to be installed on operator’s computers. Internet browser is sufficient.

Comteza BROADCAST server generates DVB-SI service information: NIT, SDT, TDT, TOT, EIT.

Network Information table (NIT) — is mandatory DVB table. The NIT conveys information relating to the physical organization of the multiplexes/TSs carried via a given network, and the characteristics of the network itself. NIT PID = 0х0010.

Service Description Table (SDT) — is mandatory DVB table. Each sub_table of the SDT shall describe services that are contained within a particular TS. The services may be part of the actual TS or part of other TSs, these being identified by means of the table_id. SDT PID = 0х0011.

Time and Date Table (TDT) — is mandatory DVB table. The TDT carries only the UTC-time and date information. TDT PID = 0х0014.

Time Offset Table (TOT) — is mandatory DVB table. The TOT carries the UTC-time and date information and local time offset. TOT PID = 0х0014.

Event Information Table (EIT) — The EIT provides information in chronological order regarding the events contained within each service. Four classifications of EIT have been identified, distinguishable by the use of different table_ids:

  • EIT actual TS, present/following event information = table_id = 0x4E
  • EIT other TS, present/following event information = table_id = 0x4F
  • EIT actual TS, event schedule information = table_id = 0x50 to 0x5F
  • EIT other TS, event schedule information = table_id = 0x60 to 0x6F. EIT PID = 0х0012.

OTA / SSU - subscribers’ receiver firmware “On The Air” update module can be included in BROADCAST server kit. Technology and parameters for broadcasting OTA /SSU for specific receiver are defined by manufacturer specification.

DVB SI data stream is fed to operator’s Multiplexer (HeadEnd, Modulator) via IP or DVB ASI interface. After Multiplexer setup, DVB SI tables enter DVB network. As a result, subscriber’s receiver obtains information about network, services, program guide, UTC time and local time shift.

DVB-SI generation module is written on “C” to provide maximal service stability and availability. Entry level servers can be used as Hardware platform for BROADCAST server.

Server secures EPG generation practically in any languages, in multilingual digital television networks.. Server management panel has multilingual user interface.


NIT, SDT, TDT, TOT generation
EIT present/following generation: Actual TS / Other TS
EIT schedule generation: Actual TS / Other TS
OTA / SSU – subscribers’ receiver firmware update. Option
Specifications compliance: ETSI EN 300 468, ETSI TR 101 211, ISO/IEC 138181-1
Output streams speed management
SI tables update interval management
User rights (roles) management
Data output: MPEG-2 TS to IP-Multicast/Unicast
Data output: MPEG-2 TS to ASI Option
Data import: XMLTV format, XML client format
Data import: CSV format
Data import: Excel format Option
Data import: EPG from RF, DVB-ASI and Multicast/Unicast Option
Operating system / Database Linux/MySQL


  • Secures centralized DVB SI management and generation for several networks simultaneously.
  • Compliant with any headends and multiplexers.
  • Flexible and scalable software/hardware architecture.
  • Convenient and intuitive web interface.
  • SI table generation settings individual and independent for each TS.
  • EIT tables generation period management.
  • EIT tables generation speed management.
  • Multilingual user interface.
  • Almost any language support.
  • Event information input and editing.
  • Database backup system. Redundancy.
  • Automatic EPG import from external sources.
  • EPG export it XMLTV format.
  • Java Free.
  • Swift and “painless” system commissioning.
  • Works on general purpose servers, use Hardware you own.
  • Full installation, configuration, commissioning service.

Demo BROADCAST server

We offer, ABSOLUTELY FREE, to launch a Demo BROADCAST server in Your network, to test Your hardware and get You familiarized with its capabilities. You have to prepare a computer or virtual machine, install Ubuntu Server 20.04 and open access via SSH. We will install software, configure server, help You configure Multiplexer/HeadEnd and provide a program guide for testing. You will receive a fully functional BROADCAST server in your network and will be able to test it and manage parameters in first-person.