enigo CAS - complex DVB SimulCrypt conditional access system. Secures packaging and optimal content protection in operators’ digital television networks with unlimited subscriber quantity.

enigo CAS - is a “big” system’s capabilities for affordable price. We will give You, what “big” cannot or ask too much money for. With us You will achieve EVERYTHING that You want and EVERYTHING will work.

How it works

enigo cas diagram

CW - Control Word
CAM - Conditional Access Module
STB - Set-Top Box
ECM - Entitlement Control Message
EMM - Entitlement Management Message
ECMG - ECM generator
EMMG - EMM generator
SimulCrypt - ETSI DVB protocol
SMS - subscriber management system
DVB TS - transport stream DVB: services, PSI/SI, ECM/EMM

Work logic and principle of all DVB SimulCrypt conditional access systems are identical, they are defined by DVB specifications. Scrambler performs channels (services) scrambling under CSA (Common Scrambling Algorithm) protocol. Scrambling is performed by using a Control Word – CW. To accomplish a secure protection the control word is changed periodically. Control word change period is called crypto-period – CP. Scrambler fetches CW into conditional access system, CAS.

ECMG forms ECM messages that contain encrypted CW. A special and secret protecting algorithm is being used to encrypt CW. Every CAS has its own ECM forming algorithms and technologies. This fact determines system difference from others. ECM forming algorithm and technology – know-how of enigo CAS conditional access system.

EMMG forms EMM messages that contain CAS private information – information about subscriptions, subscribers’ authorization levels. Simply put – EMM contains information about who can and what can be watched.

Multiplexer forms DVB transport stream, which goes to DVB network. On subscriber’s side, CAM/STB receives ECM/EMM messages and sends them to Smart card. Smart card preforms ECM decryption and gives CW back to CAM/STB for services descrambling. Smart card receives EMM messages and gives to CAM/STB information, which specific services can be descrambled and which cannot be. This is accomplished according to packages/channels that were paid for by subscriber and that were allowed for him to view.


Subscriber quantity Unlimited
Packages / classes quantity Unlimited
Scrambled streams quantity Unlimited
Operating system / Database Linux/MySQL
Subscriber equipment STB, CAM
API for Billing and accounting HTTP(S)
Messaging for subscribers, on-screen/in mailbox
Parental rating management
Subscriber management system, SMS server
Specially effective bandwidth usage form ECM and EMM broadcasting
SimulCrypt ETSI TR 102 035 v1.1.1, ETSI TS 101 197 v1.2.1, ETSI TS 103.197.v1.5.1


  • All-in One: ECM generator, EMM generator, SMS server, API, WEB panel.
  • Unlimited quantity of packages, channels, scrambled streams, subscribers.
  • EMM streams generation speed and period management.
  • Low commissioning cost, expand system as Your business grows.
  • Affordable for small regional operators with any subscriber quantity.
  • No licenses and hidden payments, we work honestly.
  • Can function parallel to other CAS, we will free You from license slavery.
  • Allows to tunnel other “known” conditional access system.
  • Compatible with all DVB SimulCrypt scrambles/multiplexers from any manufacturer.
  • Simple and easy to use API for operator’s billing/accounting integration.
  • Works on common usage servers, use Hardware that You already own.
  • New function adding into system without hardware replacement.
  • Full installation, configuration, commissioning service.

Cloud CAS

enigo cas diagram

Cloud CAS secures operator’s CAS functioning without local system installation. CAS server is located in a safe and protected Comteza datacenter and interacts with operator’s scrambler via internet. Individual virtual CAS is launched for each operator. Thereby a security and full independence is guaranteed for each operators’ CAS.

Advantages of Cloud CAS
  • No Hardware costs
  • Swift launch and configuration
  • Automatic data backup
  • Professional service and CAS server support

Cloud CAS is ideal solution for a group of companies or operator that broadcasts in several regional networks. You can install one centralized CAS server and it will secure CAS functionality for each operator in all networks simultaneously. If You cannot or do not wish to use Your own Hardware, then You can use Comteza CAS server.

Demo CAS

We offer, ABSOLUTELY FREE, to launch a Demo CAS in Your network to test Your hardware and get You familiarized with its capabilities. Demo CAS is launched and works by Cloud CAS scheme, You will be connected to CAS server in Comteza datacenter.

DVB SimulCrypt scrambler is required on operator’s side. We will configure scrambler to function with enigo CAS or You can do it by Yourself. Two internet connections are required to configure and launch Demo CAS:

  1. Operator: Scrambler IP: port enigo ECMG
  2. enigo EMMG IP: port Operator: Scrambler